Hey there, I'm Josh, welcome to the site for the show, Seek Podcast.  Matthew 7:8 tells us that  those who ask receive, those who seek, find, and to those who knock the door will be opened.  We are all seeking something, whether it be a better understanding, wisdom, a closer relationship with God, or how to defend and understand why we believe what we say we believe, or just something different than the normal day to day hum drum join me on the show for a few minutes together in scripture while we find what we are seeking.    Full Disclosure-I’m not a preacher, and I've never been to Seminary.  This podcast is just a representation of my thoughts and my beliefs.  I encourage you to follow Acts 17:11 and receive the word with eagerness and search the scriptures daily for yourself. View recent episodes and show notes from each episode below or click here to view the full catalog of episodes. Seek Podcast on Spotify